Putting buttons into the holes on your jacket is no rocket science. It’s the simplest act after putting your suit jacket on.

But like in every ethical way of things, there are some rules about buttoning. Rules to be understood because of their good reasons.

Historically, back in the old days when monarchy ruled the world, there was King Edward VII. It said he started the trend of leaving the bottom button, as well as the waistcoat, unbuttoned.

He had so large belly, he could not fasten those buttons while sitting. Not to offend the king, his associates started doing the same. It was pretty funny a reason, but actually there was good reason behind his act.

The Basic Knowledge

In today’s term, we don’t leave our suit jacket unbuttoned while sitting to respect a king, and it’s not about how large our belly is. Buttoned suit jacket are designed to give the best look when you’re standing up-fit and dashing. By keeping proper form and nice silhouette, a buttoned suit jacket simply makes you look better.

So button up, unless you’re sitting down. 

Sitting with your suit jacket buttoned will ad unnecessary stress to your button (s), as well as the rest of your suit jacket. It may cause some odd pulling and tugging on the chest and the back. It won’t look any good on you.

The Suit Jacket

Every suitjacket was designed to support our body posture.

Theory says the number of one’s buttons depends on his height. The taller the man is, the more buttons he needs. Men with average height (+/-170 cm) will be better seen with 2 buttons, meanwhile men with less than 170 cm with 1 button. Men above 180 cm might need 3 buttons to suit him.

Harmonize the Design with Your Body

The number of buttons gives impression on the V-zone of a man’s posture. V-zone is the area where the chest part seen. This is the important trick in making ideal look. 

The more buttoned suit makes a less seen V-zone. So, logically, for tall man, 3 buttons suit will focus on showing torso. It makes his height seems more ideal.

On the other hand, for below average height man, 1 button suit will show more of V-zone and makes him looks taller.

Final Thought

Wearing a suit is not about being trendy or fashionable. It’s more of knowing and appreciating the goodness and weakness of our body shape, to deliver the right image of our appearance.


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words by Mr. Brillington