Dressing Well



Modern day menswear seems becoming more perplexing in terms of characters. Let alone choosing the right outfit ensemble, modern man is facing a great fashion dilemma from obscure branding and pointless marketing, deliberately steering men on how they should look like, creating an identity crisis rather than helping men to dress better.

Throughout fashion history, the design of menswear is a blueprint of form follow functions. From impeccably constructed military uniforms, to tailored bespoke suit, and the creation of denim workwear, clothing serves a purpose and certain functions for men.

Dressing well marks the occasion in a man's life, graduating from boys to men with flying colors. A period of time when the fashion sense of a gentleman comes to a full circle, achieving the understanding of what to wear and when to wear it. 

Choosing the right fabric, understanding pattern, and knowing the best fit, is a right of passage for every aspiring gentleman. Difficult, challenging, yet complicated, the reward for understanding style can bring more joy to a man's life and a profound renewal of self confidence.

At Brillington&Brothers, we strive for continued excellence, learning and understanding the roots of menswear by resurrecting classic tailoring that fits the modern world.

By combining the best of both worlds, we create every pieces using the highest quality fabric available, exquisite attention to details, and the highest level of craftsmanship. Our goal is to help aspiring gentleman to be, discovering his personal style by educating them on the importance of dressing well, showcasing brilliance in action.

"Style comes from subtlety and from deepening the ordinary in life"

G. Bruce Boyer.



Beer Bottle - single breast - two buttons with notch lapel, patch pockets, single vent. Constructed with fused interlinings, done with hand-stitched side stitch, hand shanked buttons & hand-stitched buttonholes.


  • Blue Navy Windowpane unconstructed two buttons jacket with our new cuttings.
  • Yellow Pinstripes Camicia Works with the noble-wide spread collar with hand shanked buttons.
  • Grey Prince of Wales pattern full custom for Mr. R trousers equipped with dupont pocket and hand finish stitches. 
  • Olive two buttons blazer with full custom-white chino.
  • Unconstructed light grey glenplaid-pattern two buttons jacket with camicia works light denim-custom for Mr. R with hand shanked buttons.


Hand-rolled edges blue floral pochette (Brillington Acessories)



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words by Mr. Brillington / photos by Mr. Yap